Chicago gold


Chicago Gold is a fast paced, fun, light-sided slots game from the creators of Fat Casino. It’s free to download, and gives you a taste of what is in store for you in Chicago if you win. In this game you have three chances to hit a jackpot of your own – one each of red, black, and blue. Its free play mode lets you try your luck on any of the world’s enticing virtual slot machines, earning attractive payouts.

You start by choosing one of the following Chicago gold icons: Big Boss, Cheese, Fat Chop, Joker, or Traction. Following these icons will take you through a familiar maze filled with circular, square, or rectangular shaped icons that are randomly placed on the screen. These icons indicate possible win locations: Big Boss symbols usually signify the jackpot being big; Cheese and Joker icons indicate that the next spin will give you at least one point; Traction icons are used to indicate whether you are holding on to your cash until the “buy re-spin” button is pressed; and finally, the circular and square icons represent odds of hitting a specific icon. Your winning odds depend on how many times the corresponding icon appears while you are playing.

Slots games are fun because there are always two or more payout types. At the end of each reel you stand a chance to get either an ordinary or premium jackpot. Normal slots can give you as much as seventy-five percent of your regular winnings if you hit the right icons, and premium slots can give you a maximum of two hundred percent of your regular winnings if you hit the jackpot icons. The highest payout of all is the ten thousand dollar jackpot. When playing Chicago gold you will have the opportunity to cash in your points for a trip to Las Vegas, or to another large casino located in Chicago or in the surrounding area.

Bonus features can be found on Chicago gold reels that do not use coins but are instead “dubbed” versions of coins. Dubbed “hot dog” reels, these bonus features include icons such as the word “hot” or “dogs” and a picture of a hot dog. If you are a bonus winner you will then have your choice of getting a new car, a holiday trip to somewhere in the world, or even tickets to a Chicago Bears football game. Bonus icons and pictures can be bought separately. You may wish to buy a set of bonus icons when you first start playing Chicago gold online so that you have a collection of several of each symbol representing several different kinds of bonus spins.

If you want to refine your winning combination’s with Chicago gold slot machines you can learn how to do this through the use of software that is designed to help you out. Most of these computer programs will require that you input some basic information into them in order to determine what winning combinations you can create. However, most of these software programs will allow you to keep any of the initial data from these initial inputs and keep the winning combinations “stored”. With this initial information in hand you can then use one of the online slot games to find more ways of maximizing your wins with Chicago gold slot machines. These software programs will also keep track of any additional data that you input which can help you determine what it is that makes a winning combination for you.

Another option that is available to you when you play Chicago gold on the internet is the ability to play reels with real-life mobsters. Now, there are some things to keep in mind about these “real” mobsters. First of all, these mobsters can attack you if you are playing on a “soft” reel, meaning you don’t have a chance to defend yourself back with an electric reel. Secondly, the regular mobsters that you see in old black and white movies are not the “regular” ones that you see on Chicago gold reels. These mobsters are more like cyber-robots or cyberswarm, which means they will try to steal your winnings. However, these are some of the advantages to playing on Chicago gold online instead of offline, which is probably why casinos are including this option in their slot machine games.