Da vinci’s mystery


Da Vincis Mystery is an exciting casino slot game that comes with an interesting feature in which all icons are able to payout in multiples upon completion of their spinning sequence. The highest prize in this slot is a staggering 5000x, and numerous cascading bonuses and multi-icon multipliers are offered throughout the duration of the game. The icons used in the game are randomly picked from a hat. It is believed that the game was first launched on the Italian web in 2021 and has since then gone through numerous updates and additions. Each new update provides a new ‘mystery icon’, or rather, new graphics depicting a new icon.

In addition to this, there are also a number of ‘powerups’ available to play with, as well as bonuses and premium coins awarded through successful spins on the Da Vincis Mystery slot game. As well as being able to earn the icons and coins, players are also able to increase their winnings using these power ups. There are four categories of icons which can be won through the free spins on the game: the usual hearts, stars, swirls and dots. Additionally, players may also collect a total of eleven Da Vinci symbols, which are exclusively designated to play in certain combinations.

One of the more popular online slot games to come from the internet is the Mystery Slot. Da Vinci Online slot games are played in fifteen-pin reels, although there are also other versions for other popular video slot games including those based on popular TV shows and movies. The main aim of the Mystery slot game is to match a set number of symbols on the screen with corresponding symbols within the playing field to solve the riddle and reveal the next symbol. This is done by examining the position of the icons and identifying if it is possible to flip the reels and match the icons to the corresponding symbols on the screen.

Like many other video slot games, there are a number of different levels to play on in the Mystery Game. Each new level presents a new set of icon positions and the game will move to a new location where the next icon is to be used in the solve of the riddle. The main differences from one level to another are the appearance of the icons on the playing field and the appearance of the symbols on the slot reels. In addition to these differences, each level comes complete with its own theme music and voice over. The main theme music of the game is a compilation of popular songs from around the world that feature different instruments.

To access the main menu of the Mystery Game, a player must click on the logo where it appears, which is in the lower right corner of the screen. Using the mouse, the player will then scroll up or down using the up and down arrows to view different slots that are being offered on the screen. To switch between the various reels, a player can click on one of the icons on the left or right side of the screen, which again displays the icon and direction of play for that particular reel. The online slot game is played in two ways. One requires that the player to download the software onto their computer and then proceed to a website to activate the software, and the other is a much simpler way in which all that is required is that a player to make use of their browser to access the website which displays the video slot machine.

There are a number of different icons that appear on the reels of the game and to win more credits a player needs to see which symbols come next on the given turn. There are four types of symbols which can be used to identify winning symbols in the Da Vincis Mystery Game. These include the typical heart symbol which is situated either above the jackpot or next to it, the star symbol which is located next to the big winner, the cross symbol which is situated over the small jackpot and finally, the double-headed arrow symbol which is found either above the jackpot or right next to it. If a player is playing the game with the free spins round option, then the symbol which is featured on the first free spin will count as the winning symbol for that particular round. The four winning symbols are used in random order and a new round will begin once all symbols have been used.