The Flowers slot game is one of the most popular games from NetEnt. The background of the game has a plain design of green grass and clear blue sky. The symbols are all in the form of playing cards, and you can win cash prizes by matching symbols. You can also win by collecting certain combinations of flowers to increase your winnings. You may win the top prize of 2,000 coins by matching five or more flower scatter symbols. You can also win by collecting as many as five of the same type of flowers.

The Flowers slot is a fun and exciting slot game that is playable anywhere. NetEnt has released a mobile version of the game, so you can enjoy it even more on the go. The five reels and three rows of flowers make the game perfect for playing on mobile. This game is compatible with most devices and can be played in landscape mode. The best way to play Flowers is to set a budget and to claim the welcome bonus. Once you’ve signed up and deposited a few times, you can play for real cash.

Players will find that the Flowers slot is user-friendly and easy to use. All the settings and controls are clearly labeled, so you can easily understand how to win. The flowers and other symbols are also easy to distinguish, and you can bet on any of them. All the icons and paylines are neatly arranged on the bottom of the screen. Throughout the game, you’ll receive exciting payouts in a colorful and lively environment.