Irish gold


If you are looking for a casino game with great old fashion fun and good odds of hitting big jackpots then look no further than Irish Gold. This game is one of the oldest video slots available and is popular with both players and casinos alike. If you want to play an updated version of old-time fun with a modern edge then this is a good one to try. The payout rates in this slot are very good, with players hitting more than ninety percent of the time. In addition, winning pays off real cash, not just points that you accumulate over time.

Irish Gold also has a number of bonus rounds that players can play. These bonus rounds will give you extra credits to spend in the game, and they are easily earned. The credits in this slot machine are earned through successfully hitting three red “smash” icons, which are located every ten spins. While this may seem easy, you must be quick on your feet, as winning requires quick thinking.

Another great feature of this slot machine is the option to replace either one or all of the two Irish Gold scatter symbols with a new symbol to play with. This means that the chances of hitting a combination in the future are increased greatly. It is important to remember that while hitting the two Irish Gold scatter symbols, you must hit them both at the same time. Otherwise, the game will not end and you will lose all your winnings!