Lady in red


Lady in Red is a new slot from Microgaming which is based around the hit music from the film, Chocolat. This new slot has plenty of benefits compared to the others in the slot line up. With original tunes during the bonus sessions and regular song spinning throughout the game, this one tends to match up with all the jazz-loving enthusiasts who love to drink a nice glass of wine while spinning the 5 reels in a sequence. The graphics are all neat and tidy and the music matches well with the theme. There are a couple of bonus rooms in this slot which allow the users to try their luck at blackjack or roulette but they are not worth the visit alone.

Video slot machines like Lady In Red can be easily found on the internet. They are similar to other video slots except they come with a casino video slot machine. Video slots are usually connected to the internet so users can access them anywhere they have an available signal. There are many different ways of playing video slots, and users can find the ones that work best for them by visiting online websites that offer advice on how to play the game. The best tip that can be given is to read the instructions thoroughly before beginning to play.

In this lady video slot machine, the main objective is to hit the red symbol on the bottom right corner. To do this, you need to look at the symbols displayed on the screen and choose the one you want to place your bet on. When a red icon appears, you just need to hit the button on your machine to place your bet and watch it spin round till you find the symbol you have chosen. Nowadays, some machines may allow you to change your selections while others may not. If you are having trouble finding the symbols, you may consult the Payout Tips on the website of the casino that you are using so as to determine which symbols are the best ones to play with.