Magic of sahara

Magic of Sahara is an exciting 9-layaway online casino slot game from Microgaming and All Hallows studios that provide players with a great online casino slot experience. Players can cash in at their virtual front desk by winning a scrumptious triple bonus roll or by landing consecutive scattered bonus rolls on the reels. Players can also win ‘bobbing’ money by spinning the reels’ holes at the front desk to collect money. The jackpot is guarded by the Big Shot dealer, who only lets players win once with each spin. Apart from the regular casino games, Magic of Sahara has other slot games including Big Shot, Horseshoe, Down & Dirty, Lucky Number, No Limit Texas Hold’em, etc.

The main features of this online casino slot machine are the exciting graphics and the exciting sounds. This Sahara slot machine also features a colorful background and attractive graphics. It has a 3D animated display that adds to the excitement level of playing the game. You can also use your mouse pointer to move the virtual reels using the WASD movement direction. The slots sound effects include music, faint echo, 3D sound effects, etc.

The game has a unique double-sided feature where you can win by spinning the reels either forwards or backwards. If you are lucky enough, you may even hit two paying coins instead of just one! The jackpot is held by the ‘Big Shot’ dealer, who never shows any reaction while he pays the money from his hand to the machine and then promptly disappears when you win the jackpot. In addition, winning requires that you activate the two ways that pay off their reward counter and that is why you must be keen on playing the slot games with this online casino.