Mayan gods

Mayan Gods – Online Slot Game by Red Tiger Provider

The Mayans worshiped many different gods. There were four main gods, Kinich Ahau, Itzamna, and Ahau-Kin. The Mayas believed that the world is flat, and that spirits must pass through the underworld before ascending to the supreme heaven. They believe that women who gave birth or were killed in a ball court sacrifice will immediately ascend to the heavenly kingdom. But what exactly do the names of these gods mean?

Symbols in Mayan Gods are inspired by ancient Mayan culture. The highest paying symbols are the 4 Gods, which are also the game’s wild symbol. Other high-paying symbols include a pyramid, a spiral amulet, and a sun-like icon. Landing three, four, or five of any of these icons on a payline will win you a payout. The highest-paying symbol is the sun, and landing it twice on a winning payline will award you with a win.

Mayan Gods slot machine is made by Red Tiger Gaming. It’s not an overly popular slot, but you can try it out before playing for real money. To play this game, you’ll need to download a free game. Then, just load the game and press the spin button. If you like it, you can play it online for free. You won’t lose any money because of the limited number of paylines.

There were thirteen Mayan gods, including Kukulcan. She was a deity of water and wind. She taught the Mesoamericans how to run their civilization. She was also the symbol of light and darkness. There are many myths about these gods. But one of them is the most important. These Mayan gods are related to the creation of the world and the cure of diseases. And while these may be far out of proportion to the mythology of the time period, you can still enjoy a fun game without risking any money.

The most important Mayan god is Ixchel. She is said to take various forms, including a crocodile and a winged dragon. She is also the most important goddess in the Mayan pantheon. She is the most popular Mayan God. She is linked to the lunar cycle, the earth, and the rain. Hence, she is also considered as the goddess of rain. You can also activate four special features of this slot machine if you have four of the goddesses on your reels.

Besides being a great choice for beginners, Mayan Gods is also an exciting game with many special features. Its Wild feature, which acts as the game’s Wild symbol, increases the multiplier after a winning combination. If you get a winning combination on successive spins, you can multiply it up to 6,000x. If you happen to hit a double-stacked reel, it is worth the risk. The Mayan gods are the biggest symbols in this slot.