Sic bo

Sic Bo is the third of the currently popular casino slot games on the Internet. Like all three slot games it is simple to learn and play, as well as inexpensive to buy (a couple of hundred dollars, CD included). It shares many similarities to the classic blackjack-slots-cash game, but instead of carrying cash, it uses tickets that can be cashed in for credits. There are eight types of tickets in total, five of which have the standard casino value of one point and one that has double points.

Sic Bo is essentially three-dice craps variant that plays much more or less similar to Blackjack or Chuck-a Luck, but with a few minor changes. Learning how to play this online game typically only takes about a half-hour for an average player to learn the basic rules and pattern, with its associated payout. Players begin by purchasing ten or fifteen tickets at a reduced rate and then using these to play a round of craps, starting at five points.

Players earn points by making bets of one or two coins, and these points are used to purchase additional tickets. Once a player has accumulated twenty or thirty points they are allowed to place final bids on certain cards, increasing their chances of earning more money from the game. The game ends when a player reaches a win limit equal to the difference between the amount of credits in their account and the maximum amount of points earned. This game can also be played in a fixed number of rounds, and is easy to adapt to any type of playing format.