Willy’s hot chillies

Willy’s hot chillies is a casino slot game that has a cool theme and fun spinning red Wheel of Fortune that comes complete with plastic chutneys, cheese, onions, sauces, and more. This unique casino game gives players a free rein of their own fortune as they help Willy the Sloppy head his way to the top, but first he must reach the wheels and remove all the chutneys, sauce, and toppings on the Wheel of Fortune. Once there, Willy must try and get all the coins from the various bottles, each one featuring a different symbol on the Wheel of Fortune. When all five bottles are spinning, Willy becomes the new King of Slots and can sit down at any of the available chairs in the game and take a shot at the blackjack table, winning huge chunks of change!

If you thought the Willy’s hot chillies came with just chips and condiments, think again. Players can now add items to the Wheel of Fortune, which come in many different forms, allowing players to pick the ones that are related to Willy’s vacation (i.e. beach, vacation, etc.) and placing their own symbols on the Wheel. A special “hot sauce” version of Willy’s hot chillies even includes Willy’s dog Fido on the Wheel of Fortune, a very touchy inclusion given the fact that the dog is part of the licensed Willy’s World Famous Chocolate Factory.

In addition to the standard slots and bonus rounds Willy’s hot chillies also comes with a “chili collector” machine that allows you to pick out your own chili, add it to the “pizza” on the Wheel of Fortune, and then see how much you can add before the wheels come together to crush it. Bonus rounds include Willy’s Chicken Dance (chicken dancers come to Willy’s house to show him how good their chicken is), Willy’s Apartment Pool (where players swim around a pool of green water) and Willy’s Hawaiian Vacation (where players swim for coconuts and see what happens to them when they touch a coconut). There are no prizes or icons shown on the Wheel of Fortune with these bonus rounds, however, because you get to see how the various foods in play affect each other. The “chili collector” machine is used in all of these bonus rounds, giving you something to look at besides the slots and the Payouts.